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Worthing Hospital



£2m (Emergency Floor)
£2.5m (Breast Clinic)

Chris Thornton
Hannah Brewster


Worthing Hospital appointed us to deliver two very different projects: a new build breast clinic, and a new emergency floor. The existing breast clinic was too small to cope with the growing demand for screenings, and had no adjacent space to expand. We needed to review and deliver designs for a new facility, thinking carefully about the privacy and dignity of people using the clinic, and creating spaces that felt welcoming rather than clinical.

Completed a year later, the emergency floor tackled a thoroughly different issue. The Trust used a separate admissions process for surgical and medical patients, separating these out across three different parts of the hospital. This had caused a ream of logistical problems, and we took on the task of bringing all three areas into a single, efficient ambulatory-based emergency floor.

Approach + Solution

The new breast clinic has allowed staff and patients to benefit from state-of-the-art technology in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. We helped the Trust to make the project as cost and time efficient as possible, freeing up money to spend on delivering the best possible care. The new centre separates outpatients and imaging across different floors, giving privacy to these sensitive groups, and calming wall art and graphics greet visitors as they move through the spaces.

For the emergency floor, we planned a phased approach which would allow departments to give uninterrupted care throughout the works. The floor brings together three departments which were previously separated – improving both the hospital’s efficiency and the experience for patients. The project has become a pathfinder site for the Royal College of Physicians ‘Future Hospitals Commission’.

Both projects have been genuinely transformative, and we’ve been thrilled to work closely with the clinical teams to develop bright, friendly environments where patients can receive the best care available.

“Resistance to change, established practices, limited evidence … these are the obstacles that will ‘test our abilities’ and help us to examine our practice, to understand how we can work together in a more efficient and constructive way, to achieve what we all strive for – the best outcome for our patients.”