Masterplanning involves strategic, long-term planning. The idea is to unify the local context with a vision of a site’s future potential.

Our starting point is place-making: creating pedestrian spaces and routes that are a delight for people to use.
Environmental factors shape our designs from the outset. We encourage public transport, walking and cycling, and mitigate the impact of vehicles.

Our masterplanning process begins by analysing the site, its opportunities and constraints, and understanding the economic potential that the masterplan could unlock.

Engagement with the local community is crucial. We explore the cultural and social context, consult people on our analysis, and then discuss the emerging ideas.

The resultant masterplan will be aspirational, bringing joy and wellbeing to the community it serves. It will provide the technical detail that unifies transportation, environment and infrastructure, and establishes a flexible, achievable vision for the future.

Our specialist experience includes:

  • Place-making
  • Urban design
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Environment and ecology
  • Community consultation
  • Strategic vision
  • Land use and zoning
  • Servicing and car parking
  • External spaces between buildings
  • Strategic planning
  • Green campus
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Public realm
  • Universities, science, workplace, research and business parks
  • Independent schools and colleges
  • Urban regeneration
  • Townscape analysis and improvements
  • Housing schemes for disposal
  • Coastal regeneration

Our Masterplanning projects

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