We make places designed for people

We think about buildings differently. Not just how they look and function – but the positive experiences they create for their people and communities, and how they can benefit the environments around them.

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Insights | 18th October 2021

ADP in Numbers

Another fantastic business year for ADP has finished, so we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on some of our achievements over the past 12 months.

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Insights | 7th October 2021

How to Reach Net-Zero Carbon

To reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, we need to focus on embodied carbon. Simon Beaumont-Orr explains why.

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Insights | 1st October 2021

Engaging at a Distance

Stakeholder engagement – the process of consulting with people affected by a building project, for better or for worse – is central to design. Without it, a building might not achieve its stated aims, and at worst could risk alienating the very people it’s supposed to benefit.

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“It was wonderful to work with people who could ‘get inside our heads’ and put our vision into reality.”

– Jane Loomes, Former Headteacher, Jesmond Gardens Primary School