White Rose Rail Station entrance CGI

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White Rose Railway Station: Sustainable transport for the White Rose Office Park

Munroe K Ltd




Roger FitzGerald


Over the past decade, we’ve completed several projects at White Rose Office Park – from office buildings to a masterplan of the entire site. Munroe K, our client, had wanted for some time to improve the public transport links to the site by constructing a new railway station. This would lie on the Leeds–Huddersfield line, giving people a fast, environmentally friendly way of getting to and from the office park.

The station would need to be fully accessible – a key challenge, as the railway line is raised up on an embankment. An existing underbridge is listed as a historic structure, so we needed to consider how to preserve it, integrating it with the new station in a way that respects its historical significance.

Approach + Solution

We envisaged the new station as a boldly contemporary landmark, with lifts and walkways to make the platform accessible to everyone. To support the sustainability goals of the project, we proposed better cycle and footpaths which make use of the underbridge, as well as connections to local bus services.

The project sets a high bar for green infrastructure. When complete, the site will have a greater diversity of wildlife, with new trees, hedgerows, and an attenuation pond fed from an existing stream. Green roofs on the station buildings complete the picture: a station which complements its environment, and brings its community closer together.