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University of Sussex Student Centre: State-of-the art facilities for Brighton’s students

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Jon Roylance


The ways in which students access information changes year on year- it’s not only new technology driving these changes, but whole new ways of life and shifting relationships between students and their campuses. Our new student centre for the University of Sussex needed to reflect these changes, with a bold, progressive vision in keeping with the unique spirit of Brighton. Located at the heart of the student residential area, it also needed to support the wellbeing of everybody using the space.

Approach + Solution

We used state-of-the-art, fully integrated IT systems to ensure that the student centre presented information and services as inclusively as possible. Students and staff will both be able to benefit from these new systems, and we have ensured that the design is flexible to allow for updated facilities in the future. The centre reflects the University of Sussex’s distinctive brand: confident, progressive and unafraid to stand out.

Form and function go hand in hand, with comfortable furniture and efficient layouts complemented by strong, quirky design aesthetics. We made sure to specify finishes with excellent eco-credentials, and key spaces include upcycled and vintage furniture. The result is a centre which cares both for the environment and everyone who uses it – making a welcoming, highly inclusive asset for the students and staff of the University of Sussex.