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Pacific World School: Grand scale, welcoming environment

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Interior Design
Landscape Design

₹1100m (c. £11.4m)

Eishan Jain
Ranjan Ray
Siddhant Jain


Conceived to support a new housing zone on the outskirts of Delhi, Pacific World School needed to balance a grand scale with a wholesome, fulfilling environment. To meet this challenge, we knew that we had to apply lessons learned from other projects for the client, planning for a school which could accommodate 6,240 pupils over ten acres. The client was keen for Pacific World School to stand out from the crowd, with a fresh, unique concept that reflected its setting.

Approach + Solution

We explored a number of options, and arrived at a simple but effective masterplan based on the concept of “ॐ” or “Om” – a sacred symbol in Hindu culture. At the centre of the plan is a green, three-sided courtyard which serves as the soul of the school. We orientated the courtyard to allow shade from the surrounding buildings, creating a tranquil, open space for children to relax and play.

Many of the spaces are highly flexible, and we were creative with our response to the brief. The project includes a multi-purpose hall seating 1000 people, a 330-seat state-of-the-art auditorium, a rooftop swimming pool, and an open-air theatre. Spaces like these break up the scale of the school, transforming what could have been an imposing mass into a welcoming, vibrant community.

“We designed the Pacific World School to be a natural oasis of learning.”