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Shireland CBSO Academy: World class music education for a diverse group of young people

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Claire Mantle
William Allen


Working in collaboration with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust to deliver a 750 place secondary school and 120 place post-16 provision. The school will provide world class music education to a diverse group of young people. The project involves the refurbishment and internal alteration of an existing office building to provide the main teaching block. On an adjacent site we have developed new build accommodation to be used to house a new stand alone sports hall with associated external play space.

Approach + Solution

The ADP proposal looked to challenge the DfE baseline model and truly adapt the building for the best use of education. Our proposal looked to infill an existing 5 storey atrium space and provide a space with optimised acoustic properties for music performance and to serve as a centrepiece to the refurbished building. Above the performance space we placed an open plan library area which benefits from the natural light of the large rooflights above.

The Providence Place and Sports Sites are included in the proximity of the West Bromwich Conservation Area, as is the Main Site. Therefore, careful consideration was taken, with the Sports Site lying adjacent to the Conservation Area’s northern boundary.