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20TH February 2020

Contemporary private house in Sevenoaks completes

Roger FitzGerald

20TH February 2020




Our latest project is a highly sustainable family home marrying contemporary details with traditional form.

This 430m2 house, on a highly sensitive site close to the centre of Sevenoaks, recently completed. It achieves the client’s aim for an unashamedly contemporary solution, while fitting into its historic setting.

Replacing a 1960s bungalow, the dwelling sits between a Grade II listed house to the west and a locally listed house to the east, within a Conservation Area. The north, east and west elevations are in brick, with a steeply pitched, natural slate roof. The south elevation, facing the garden, is strikingly open and modern.

Back of completed house

The internal layout was inspired by the traditional Wealden House form, with a large central void and galleries at either end. The external expression – as visible from the street – is asymmetrical, reflecting the different internal functions, with expressive chimneys, corner windows capturing oblique views to the North Downs, and a dominant dormer window.

These elements, based on a thorough understanding of the locality, have been integrated with a low-carbon approach that minimises the environmental impact of the house. The triple-height space, for example, allows warm air to rise and either be discharged through a ventilation chimney or recycled to low level, and warmed if necessary. Ground-sourced heating – and cooling in the summer – is obtained from three deep boreholes, providing underfloor comfort. The mechanical ventilation heat recovery system is in two zones on either side of the central void, and the house benefits too from rainwater harvesting to irrigate the garden, photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof, and an electric car charging point in the garage.

ADP was architect for the scheme, with all the professional services provided by Corde.

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