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14TH September 2021

Better Apartments

Adrian Bower

14TH September 2021



At ADP we’re committed to delivering better homes as part of our aim to create more joy in the world.

Dual-aspect apartments are increasingly desirable as they provide many benefits, including better and longer daylight, an alternative view, cross-ventilation, protection from overheating and reduced noise and air pollution. It also allows for greater flexibility in how rooms are used, and the potential to adapt layouts in the future.

This concept for a linear residential block provides 100% dual-aspect apartments, which are deck-accessed and benefit from a central communal space overlooked by the access to the flats. The communal garden is located above the ground floor parking, which is screened by retail and commercial onto the street.

All flats benefit from cross-ventilation, with living rooms facing outwards from the building. The bedrooms are located on the internal elevations (facing the communal space), with clerestory windows or similar to ensure privacy. Balconies and winter gardens ensure private amenity space and are located on the external (street) elevations.

Not all sites can deliver 100% dual aspect due to constraints and economics, but we are committed to improving health and wellbeing on all our projects and measure this with our Social Value Toolkit.

Our team would be delighted to discuss these ideas further, and to advise on any sites or projects moving forward.

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Residential Sector Director
Adrian Bower

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