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27TH August 2021

Better Homes

Adrian Bower

27TH August 2021



Our homes and communities need to work harder to respond to changes in the environment and lifestyles and to deliver sustainable communities.

In all our lives, our homes are perhaps the most important place we spend our time. At ADP, our purpose is to create more joy in our world – so delivering better homes is naturally important to us.

As a practice, we define good architecture in terms of sustainability, belonging and engagement. We measure these three values on every project we do.

Sustainability is our starting point: designing for the long-term benefit of the people, communities and environments impacted by a space.

We want to design homes which respond to our changing future needs, incorporating environmental measures to help combat the impact of climate change and meet zero-carbon targets.

We are committed to improving health and wellbeing, and our homes must be able to adapt to changing circumstances. We may need more space and consider extending into a loft, or we might need to change the way we use our space by creating a home office.

To support our wellbeing, we also need our homes to connect with the world around them – whether that’s the natural world or our local communities.

Addressing all of these issues can be tough. We’ve outlined some key approaches to creating better homes that we explore in our work, and which help to make high-quality, responsible buildings that contribute to sustainable communities.

Our team would be delighted to discuss these ideas further, and to advise on any sites or projects moving forward.

Written by:

Residential Sector Director
Adrian Bower

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