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16TH November 2022

ADP sponsoring award for Thornton Education Trust

Claire Mantle

16TH November 2022


Schools + FE


We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the ‘School Collaborations’ Award for this year’s Inspire Future Generations Awards, taking place on the 28th November.

The Inspire Future Generations Programme, which launched in 2021, are run by Thornton Education Trust (TET) and aims to recognise individuals and organisations working with children and young people. They hope to ensure that youth engagement is recognised as a valuable part of creating better neighbourhoods and improving social impact. They are the first awards of this kind for built professionals in the UK and internationally.

By valuing youth engagement and social impact, the trust shares our vision of empowering the next generation, creating a world for them to grow and flourish. We aim to create a world full of joy and laughter, a vision that we share with Thornton Education Trust. The programme also allows us to set the scene for the next generation of architects, so we can listen to them and help make their future visions of the world a reality.

‘School Collaborations’ is a new category which rewards the development and/or organisation of creative projects with local schools, from both built environment practices and non-profit organisations.

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Schools Sector Director
Claire Mantle

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