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22ND August 2023

Re-imagining Third Space

Jon Roylance

22ND August 2023


Higher Education


In 2020 ADP developed a new post-Covid space concept called Third Space – a space that supports active learning, hybrid working, and fosters social connections across university campuses.

This year our national and regional higher education directors; Jon Roylance and Amy Brazenall, have been evolving our Third Space concept, reflecting feedback from students. Our concept is now more inclusive and embraces new technology to capture student’s experience, needs, preferences, and wellbeing.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, we had the privilege of hosting “A Place to Belong: Designing an Inclusive Third Space” at the University of Westminster – an expert panel event to discuss the nature of Third Space, exploring our concept and the future of inclusive design with the panellists.

Download our insight report to find out more about how we reimagined our third space concept to create more diverse and inclusive spaces for students and staff, and discovered new ways of engaging with end users.

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Higher Education Sector Director
Jon Roylance

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