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- Residential

Mary’s Lane: Transforming Dublin’s historic markets into high-density, high-quality apartments





Adrian Bower

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The Irish capital has struggled recently when it comes to housing. We came up with a response to this, situated opposite the city’s former fruit market. By providing high-density, high-quality apartments and commercial space on the site, our priority is to breathe new life into the area.

With this project, we have the potential to redevelop a full city block with a generous courtyard at its centre, creating an exciting new development that responds to Dublin’s acute housing shortage.

Approach + Solution

Interconnected courtyards join the three blocks that make up the accommodation, and each apartment has its own private balcony, as well as shared use of rooftop spaces. Amenities like this help to provide an excellent standard of city living, drawing new residents into the area.

Dublin’s architectural heritage inspires the look of the new development. Keen eyes will notice the project’s arched openings, marking the street corner and responding to the fruit market opposite. The façades – constructed from a subtle but striking mix of red brick, red sandstone and pigmented concrete – complement the surrounding architecture, significantly contributing to the regeneration of the market area.