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Gloucester Quayside Redevelopment: Bringing the community together

Gloucester City Council

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Our development at Gloucester quayside started life as a brown field site. The Council had a vision to transform it into a vibrant hub for the community, centred on a health centre combining two GP surgeries.

Thanks to its setting within the wider city, the development needed to act as a gateway to the commercial area of Gloucester. Routes to, through and from the site were therefore a key consideration, as well as its placement on a flood plain. We also needed to think carefully about the mix of uses on the site: how best to combine offices, housing, student accommodation, and health facilities in a way that felt organic and cohesive?

Approach + Solution

We responded well to the complexity of the project, as our broad experience in this type of development meant that we could test and hone options very quickly to come up with an optimal solution. The health centre was key: we decided to place it on the first floor of a new building, which sits on the site of a demolished office block. By setting the ground floor aside for car parking and designing higher floors for residential and office space, we reduced the risk of damage from flooding.

The wider development includes a range of urban spaces, from affordable housing to student accommodation. Efficiently and sustainably connected, with a vibrant mix of buildings, the quayside will act as both a landmark for the city and a bustling community for those who live, work, and visit there.