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Durston House School: An entirely new site for this leading preparatory school

Durston House School

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Building a new school from scratch is always a challenge – but when an existing school decides to move to an entirely new site, the challenge becomes even greater. Durston House School tasked us with designing a school which was true to their history and core values of character, curiosity, and capability. But the new School also needed to work for the future: the buildings would be highly flexible and sustainable, looking outwards to the wider community.

Approach + Solution

To make sure that our approach was as efficient and intelligent as possible, we offered to deliver the project as Corde – our company providing a full design package, including engineering design. This helped us solve problems around sustainability from the very beginning, making it a central part of the proposals.

Our design gives an ambitious vision for a high-quality teaching environment, with spaces and facilities for 540 pupils. We divided the School into two angled wings, visually “breaking down” the building to help tuck it into the tree belt.

Sustainability runs through every element of the design, from the use of shading to regulate temperature on the south face, to living roofs and new trees across the site.

With several of the facilities shared with the local community, this is a school which benefits the children who study there, the residents who live or work nearby, and the wider environment. The new site will give the School a strong foundation for a long, successful future.

“ADP’s designs for our new school have, from the outset, addressed key aspects of pupil safeguarding and how to manage and organise the facilities to allow for community use. Their innovative approach has produced a scheme that will provide us with a sustainable new home for the future that will excite pupils and staff.”