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Clydebridge Hotel: A key piece in East Glasgow’s regeneration

Jahama Group

Hospitality + Leisure


Stephen Miles


Working with our client, international property and investment business Jahama Group, we’re developing plans for the group’s first hotel on the outskirts of Clydebridge, East Glasgow. The team secured a pre-planning consent for a full-service 100-bedroom hotel in January 2020.

Approach + Solution

The development is designed to sit confidently in its context – located just east of the iconic Clydebridge Steelworks, the north of Cambuslang and with strong links to the wider area – including the River Clyde and local woodland.

When built, Clydebridge Hotel will deliver 50 permanent jobs and help create further indirect jobs in the wider community.

Community benefit is key, so the hotel is designed to offer a wide variety of activities to leisure and business traveller, while also providing amenities to the local community.

When complete, it will include a 100-bed hotel, restaurant, café, bar and state-of-the-art fitness club.

“We are delighted to be contributing to the huge regeneration activity that is currently taking place in East Glasgow. It will drive tourism and business activity to the city, create jobs and further benefits for the local community. This is why we believe that Cambuslang is an ideal location for a modern enhanced-services hotel and leisure facility. ”

– Dilip Awtan, CEO of Jahama Group