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22ND May 2020

Insight: The Future of Learning Spaces


22ND May 2020


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What does a post-COVID school look like?

The debates circling around the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak have been as fast-moving as they have been important: updates happen hour by hour, and policies can change overnight. One of the biggest areas of discussion has been schools: when can they reopen? And – perhaps more importantly – what will they look like when they do?

As part of our Insight series, we recently held a virtual round table exploring how learning might need to change following the pandemic, and how architects, trusts, policy-makers and planners can support those changes. Our guests included experts from across the education sector, who all shared their ideas and predictions.

We’ve collected these ideas into a brief overview – have a read, and do get in touch if you want to share your own thoughts on the future of schools.

Future of Learning Spaces Report

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