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6TH April 2021

ADP Congratulates Promoted Staff and Welcomes New Faces

Stephen Miles

6TH April 2021


ADP is pleased to announce a number of new additions to its staff across the UK and internationally, as well as several internal promotions.

The new staff will be invaluable in delivering several recently won projects to a high standard, and in continuing the practice’s development. Several have been hired under the government’s apprenticeship scheme, giving budding architects an opportunity to train and develop their skills through hands-on involvement with projects.

In turn, several promotions across the practice reflect growing and changing roles within the practice, while celebrating employees’ success and hard work during a particularly difficult year.

Umesh Luharia joins us today as a new associate director in our Birmingham studio, with a national role helping to develop our work in the residential sector. New staff members also include senior architect Martyn Vaughan, architects Kartik Khanna, Surabhi Kushwaha and Srishti Yadav, and architectural assistants Alina Klukowski, Chris Foulkes, Sandra Janik, Amy Schofield, Deven Kara and George Ogilvie. We have also hired two new assistant landscape architects: Mary Deguara and Elisabeth Jones.

Two of our board members – Craig Cullimore and Joe Morgan – have recently taken on new titles reflecting their specific roles in leading the practice. Craig is now our chair of the board, while Joe is overseeing quality of design as creative director. After her first few highly successful years as our schools sector director, Claire Mantle has now been promoted to co-opted board member.

Wayne Dobbins, our Oxford studio director, has been promoted to Corde director and director of India, reflecting his close work with our Delhi studio and our Corde partners, KJ Tait and AKS Ward. Graham McRuvie, our Sherborne studio director, has taken on the role of health and safety director across the practice.

Our senior landscape architect Claire Hunt is now head of landscape across the practice. In Edinburgh, our associate director Siobhan Davitt will now be taking on the role of studio director.

Glen Moses and Amy Brazenall have been promoted to associate directors in Oxford and Edinburgh, respectively, while Surika Carvalho and Jessica Morrison from our Birmingham studio are now senior architects.

In our marketing team, Vicky Knowlden has been promoted to marketing and communications director, in recognition of her role leading the team. Michelle Fletcher is now our marketing associate, while Tom White has taken on the role of communications executive.

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