15TH April 2020

Graeme Feechan

Michelle Fletcher

15TH April 2020


Graeme has responsibility for ADP’s commercial work, strategy and business development. He manages a number of private sector clients while guiding high quality design work nationwide.

With over 25 years working across office, retail, industrial, residential and hospitality sectors, Graeme’s approach to urban design and architecture places commercial value centre stage – recognising that excellent design underpins viable long-term investment and sensible investment is sustainable and provides real social benefits.

His experience helps our project teams to quickly get to a critical understanding of the physical and commercial context so that energy is spent on viable options which, through an established process, cleverly unlock value for ADP’s clients. At every stage Graeme will ensure that design proposals are understood in terms of clear cost versus benefits and will only promote design decisions that are backed up by quantifiable evidence.

Written by:

Commercial Director
Michelle Fletcher

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